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"Dark Garden" (above) in a dramatically lit, quirky vault-like space at the Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA

"At the heart of Linda Huey's work in sculpture and pottery is an exploration of the natural environment, its sustainability and its fragility.  At the Fuller, Huey fills a gallery with huge plant forms that could be mysterious night blooms from a climate zone no one has ever visited.  These stalks, seed pods, leaves, and flowers are constructed of clay, recycled metal, and debris, and their world includes elements such as broken antennae and macabre gnomes.  With her choice of form, scale, and materials, Huey provokes questions about the balance between growth and decay, and the tension between nature and culture."  American Craft, April/May 2013

“Dark Garden” has been traveling to various venues:

2013         Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA

2014-15   Cranbrook Institute of Science, Bloomfield Hills, Mi

2015         Roger Williams Park Botanical Center greenhouse (during the NCECA conference in Providence, RI)

2016-17   Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA (for the year)

2019         Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA

Check out this short informational video about "Dark Garden"

It has been a great honor to have a contemporary composer, Erik Lindgren, write music in response to Dark Garden when it was installed at the Fuller Craft Museum.  Also, at the same time, a video artist, Wu So Fai, who is very adept at special effects and interpretation, made a great video that corresponds with Erik’s music.  Many thanks to both of them!

Movement I:

Movement II:

Movement III:

Movement IV:



"Dark Garden" installation at Fuller Craft Museum
"Dark Garden" detail, Black Bat-like Fairy Flower "Dark Garden" detail "Daek Garden" detail, Broken Branch
"Dark Garden" detail, Word Flower "Dark Garden" detail, Skeleton Stem "Dark Garden" detail, Computer Textured Flower
"Dark Garden" detail, Nails and Bolts Fired In Detail of Four Flowers Detail of Four Flowers
"Dark Garden" installation at Fuller Craft Museum Deatil of Four Flowers "Dark Garden" detail, Bird in Cage Flower


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